Sibling Adoption

Often, when looking for baby adoption, you may find that the baby comes with older brothers and sisters, or siblings.

Many adoption agencies nowadays do their utmost to keep siblings together, and create a new family unit.

It is very sad in a situation where there are siblings available for adoption and one of the children gets a permanent home and the rest are left behind. This happens quite often.

Separating siblings, brothers and sisters, can have an awful affect on an adoptive child's life. Especially if the adoption involves an older child who completely understands what is happening. Certainly the adopted child would have mixed emotions. The adopted child would have to happy they were going to a permanent home where they will be loved and cared for. But, this adoptive child is leaving behind sisters and brothers, the only family they know.

Sibling adoption is now much more common place and encouraged. Fortunately there are prospective adoptive parents who are willing to adopt siblings. There are even couples who adopt an entire family of children. This is a true act of compassion on the part of the adoptive parents. They immediately get a ready made family and the children stay together in one permanent, loving home. Obviously, adopting siblings is a big commitment and also a big expense. Not only will the adoption process be expensive, adopting siblings will mean day to day living may get expensive. Couples who adopt siblings would have to be financially stable in order to be approved for the adoption.

When thinking about sibling adoption, people should make sure they are well informed about the situation surrounding the children's abandonment. In some cases adoptive parents may find siblings in an orphanage, a foster home or a group home that have been placed there or left there without parental termination. In a case like this, prospective adoptive parents of these siblings are putting themselves at risk for disappointment. In situations where birth parents have not terminated their parental rights, they may one day decide they want their children back. This would be devastating for the adoptive parents and perhaps the adoptive children. In order to keep the children, the adoptive parents would have to fight it out in a court of law.

Unfortunately in this case, the law would probably place the siblings back into their parent's custody. It may not be in the best interest of the siblings but the law decides the custody of children. Once the siblings are returned to their parents, the best thing the adoptive parents can do is to hope and pray that they'll be loved and cared for and will not be subject to an unhealthy environment.

If you are considering in sibling adoption, make sure you have all the legalities well covered by a specialist Adoption Lawyer to avoid heartbreak on all sides later on.

So although a bit more complicated, sibling adoption can only be a good thing for the children involved and can give you an instant family, particularly if you had your heart set on a baby.