Adoption is something that almost everybody thinks of at some time in their lives. What would you do if you could not have a baby of your own?

What do you think when you see images of orphanages in Russia, or toddlers in Africa fending for themselves bcause their parents have died of AIDS?

Isn't there a part of you that half considers giving that baby a bed in your home, a place at your table?

For individuals who love children, adoption is always somewhere in their subconscious. Wouldn't it be magnificent if all abandonned, unwanted and orphaned babies and could be placed in loving homes without so much red tape and expense. There are thousands of parents who would like to take children. 

But its not as easy as bringing home a stray from the dogs home.

Fortunately there are also thousands of people who are able to adopt unwanted and abandoned babies and children. For people who are unable to have children of their own, adoption is a dream come true.

Because of thousands of loving, adoptive parents, thousands of children are adopted and placed in permanent, loving homes where they are loved, cared for and cherished. They are able to experience normal life of a child with clothes to wear, toys to play, a school to receive an education, and a safe environment to grow up in. Adoption for these children means being rescued from a life of hardship and possibly growing up in an orphanage. Adoption for adoptive parents means being rescued from a life of childlessness and never knowing the joy of raising a baby or child and the completeness of family life.

The decision for adoption is not to be taken lightly or quickly. It compels the prospective adoptive parents to assess their financial situation since adoption can be very expensive. It demands the adoptive parents to assess every single aspect of their life and the changes an adoptive child will make to their lives. Once the final decision is made to adopt, the actual adoption process starts beginning with decisions regarding the adoption method, the type of child wanted and the country or area to adopt from. At this point prospective adoptive parents should gather as much information as possible about adoption in order to learn about the process of adoption and what to expect.

Adoptions require many decisions to be made, and the results of these decisions will determin how successful the adoption will be. A successful adoption will depend largely on the route taken to adopt. Choosing a reputable adoption agency or non-profit adoption organization is very important. Prospective adoptive parents will benefit greatly from the services of a knowledgeable and experienced adoption agency. There are many agencies and organizations which are able to handle all sorts of adoptions, including International or overseas adoptions. Before making a decision regarding an adoption agency, prospective parents ought to research the subject and check with adoptive parent support groups for references.

Once all of the decisions are made, the home study is completed and the application is approved, the prospective adoptive papers are closer to achieving their adoption goals. If the adoption is a private domestic or public domestic adoption, the individuals do not have to worry about travelling to foreign countries and contend with their rules and regulations. However if choosing International oe overseas  adoption, prospective parents must prepare themselves for foreign travel and become educated about their adoptive child's homeland, as its often a requirement of an overseas adoption. .

After the visits, the social workers, the reports, the legal procedures and hearings, the adoptive parents are finally able to bring their adoptive baby or child home.

Preparing the home for the arrival of an adoptive baby or child involves thought and consideration of any family members as well as the adoptive child. Many of these decisions depend upon the age of the baby or child. An older child should be given some decisions to make for themselves eg what theme or colour their bedroom should be.

There are many important legal details to deal with before bringing an adoptive baby or child home such as social security numbers, birth certificates and medical insurance.

There's no doubt, adoption can be a long, stressful, tiresome process.

The wonderful thing about adoption is, no matter how long, tiresome or stressful the adoption journey may be. No matter how expensive or complicated the adoption process may become, the end result is the same. The end result of an adoption is a permanent family and home for an otherwise orphaned and possibly forgotten baby or child.